3D Printing Service for Industries


The machines of SLM Solutions operate with high precision and reliability. Fullfilling the required accuracy demanded by the industry and keeping the tolerance ranges is achieved by this technology. SLM Solutions supplies for the automobile sector specially developed metal powder, the SLM Medi-Dent. Cobalt-Chrome, Titanium und Stainless Steel alloys are biocompatible, display high-strength and good elasticity values.

SLS Nylon

Nylon allows for functional end products and complex designs. Its surface is a bit grainy, but it can be polished for a smooth finish.Nylon prints are laser sintered on industrial 3D printers. The technology gives you a high degree of form freedom and you can even print moving parts in one go.


Selective Laser Sintering is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces highly accurate and durable parts that are capable of being used directly in end-use, low-volume production.


3D printed models are making their way more and more frequently into medical settings, as doctors and patients around the world continue to benefit from anatomically accurate models to explain, understand, and prepare for surgical procedures before a scalpel is anywhere near an actual patient. The unprecedented accuracy afforded by 3D technologies allows for a truly hands-on approach to surgical preparation, as doctors are able to truly understand the working dynamics of individual patients’ anatomies — which is especially critical for organs such as the heart.

Heart Model

Life-size, realistic models make it simpler for patients and families to grasp the details of complex medical procedures, and they provide healthcare practitioners with invaluable preparation for their work in the operating room.