On Demand of 3D Printer Part Manufacturer SLS/MJP/SLM/SLA/HSLA Technology

Founded in 2012, Dazz 3D has fulfill the huge demand of part manufacturing for customer.

We have assisted them in the acceleration of product development, elevate quality and minimize cost.

Dazz 3D additive manufacturing solution can bring your innovated idea to reality.

Intake Manifold


1.Accuracy of ± 0.1mm, 0.02 layer thickness, the parts of greater tensile strength and hardness with a density reaching 100%

2.Selective laser melting and also any other additive manufacturing technique doesn’t require any additional tooling. Therefore expensive sand-casting and die-casting applications can be finally replaced. This doesn’t only shorten development a4times, but also considerably reduces development costs. Industrial 3D printers can finish a component within hours compared to classical manufacturing techniques that will need days till weeks from prototype to end product.

3.Additive manufacturing gives great freedom in design. For example, the selective laser melting in particular allows the manufacturing of components with hollows and undercuts, with thin walls and hidden voids. This flexibility cannot be achieved through conventional manufacturing methods.

Automotive Mold


1.Different from the traditional manufacturing methods of straight-line drilled holes. Without processing restrictions, to forming a axial curves of cooling channels are constructed on a free-form surface conformal to the mold surface. To achieve purposes of rapid and uniform. Make the product better cooling, reducing the cooling time.

2. Reduced injection mold cooling time by 65% through the utilization of 3D printing.

Custom Dental Restorations


1. Cobalt-chromium alloy has good biological compatibility.

2. Printing exceptionally high degree of precision products without geometrical constraints.

3. Rough surface is conducive to providing better adhesion of ceramic and metal, compared with the traditional casting, shorten processing times and save energy and labor costs and nearly zero raw - material waste.

Human Skeletal Model


1.Precision of +/- 0.1mm, fully meet the requirements of size.

2.The low-density ,high hardness and toughness together with a good dimensional stability makes Nylon ideal as material.

3. These opaque stereolithography models are an ideal visualization tool for orthopedic reconstruction and oncologic cases. Assists clinicians as they prepare for an upcoming procedure by creating a patient specific 3D anatomical model based on CT images and a segmentation process.

Cooling Water Channel


1.SLM technology offers a more uniform way to cool the parts, thus reducing cycle time and improving both productivity and quality. Injection cooling time reduce 60%, injection molding efficiency increased by 80% or more, reduce your manufacturing costs.

2.Mold steel’s wear, strength, or toughness characteristics and no harmful chemicals make it widely used in many industries, including the medical sector, the food industry.

Alloy On Demand Parts


1. In contrast to mass-production industries, the aerospace industry is largely focused on complex and low-volume production. As an early adopter of the latest technology strides, this industry is a major market for 3D printing and eyes the technique as a way to overcome its main challenges (environmental performance restrictions, high manufacturing costs, competitive market conditions).

2. SLM Technology has advantages to create fan blade edges with complex shapes to optimize airflow; it is difficult and time-consuming to machine such blades through traditional manufacturing

3. Layer thickness is 0.02mm ,to ensure that the surface finish meet standard parameter.

Power Tools Prototype


1.Our wide variety of robust, thermally stable material options generate models that are tough enough to be used as working parts, permitting you to test for form, fit and function right. With an extremely smooth surface finish, our printers have the highest level of precision and accuracy.

2. Designers and engineers can skip expensive, time-intensive machining and gain the agility to make changes any time.


1.3D printed art has unique details, complex shapes with 3D printing allowing for the kind of subtlety and nuance of detail that requires much less handicraft time than conventional sculpture.

Model building


1. Accuracy of ± 0.1mm,layer thickness 0.02mm, you can do scaling without loosing details.

2. By printing more detailed models in hours and at very low cost , will help your clients to better visualize the final projects, ultimately helping your firm to win more business.

3. You can significantly reduce the time and expense in producing building models, often requiring highly delicate details with no geometrical limitations. 3D printed models are also stronger than traditional models and won’t buckle or break over time.

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