Industrial Grade DLP D300 3DPrinter

Focusing on accurate manufacturing industry, especially jewelry industry, D300 prints models with delicate details and smooth surface. Stable and long lifespan projector makes D300 the best choice for industrial DLP 3D printer. Industrial grade LED projector from Texas Instruments®.Stable marble structure to allow more fine to avoid the error caused by shaking, 50um resolution of the large molding space, as small as 0.3mm support, precision beyond imagination

  • Resolution



  • Build Volume (X, Y, Z)

    288 x 162 x 320


  • Layer Thickness

    25 / 35 / 50 / 100


  • Multifunctional printing software
    Multifunctional printing software
  • Ultra fine printing effect
    Ultra fine printing effect
  • Stable marble structure
    Stable marble structure
  • Multi-functional design
    Multi-functional design
Sinking laser 3D printing curing technology

Sunken light exposure technology, no need to pull film, reduce support/support fine, success rate of nearly 100%

Support as small as 0.3mm, precision beyond imagination

Fine support is based on minimal contact with the model, which is convenient for later processing of the model, saves raw materials and better restores the model itself.This has extremely high requirements on the precision of the printer

Size and Weight

Appearance size: 610(L) * 610(W) * 1680(H)mm Molding size: 288(X)* 162(Y) * 320(Z) mm Equipment net weight: 190 kg

Multi-Function Area

Intuitively check the printing status and progress

Texas Instruments (TI) DLP660TE

High-performance, long-life light source, 10-year stable operation

Based on the specific needs of jewelry\dental\watch\earphone\toys models industry, we developed our own material which is stable in printing quality and accurate in details. The price is reasonable so the material is popular in the market.

Dazzle-3D is a professional DLP 3D printing software specialized on jewelry\dental\toys models industry. With “Users experience first” in mind, we designed a simple user interface with many functions. Supports generate automatically in .STL document. Users could also adjust supports by themselves. Download the latest version and start your journey of 3D printing!


Windows7 or higher, OpenGL 3.0/2G RAM


Mac OS X 10.9 and Higher, Minimum 2GB RAM

D100 Bundle
    1 x Dazz 3D D100 DLP printer
    1 x 1L Castable Resin
    1 x Resin Tank
    1 x Finishing kit
Finishing Kit
    1 x Scraper
    1 x Plier
    1 x Tweezer
    1 x Squeegee
    2 x Watertight containers
    1 x Filter
    Nitrile gloves
Printer Specs
  • Technology 
    Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Machine Size 
  • Operating Temperature 
  • Net Weight 
  • Connectivity 
    Wifi & USB
  • Input Power 
    100-240V, 50-60HZ , 2A
  • Output Power 
    24V, 2.5A
Printing Specs
  • Resolution 
    1920*1080 Pixels
  • Layer Thickness 
    0.025 / 0.035 / 0.05 / 0.1 mm
  • Build Volume (X, Y, Z) 
    96 x 54 x 150mm
Software Specs
  • System Requirements 
    Windows7 or higher, OpenGL 3.0/2G RAM
    Mac OS X 10.9 and Higher, Minimum 2GB RAM
  • File Size 
  • Input File 
  • Supports 
    Automatic and manual support generation, Easily removable
    Simple print setup
    Auto-generation of supports & manual support editing features
    Augmentation, rotation & placement
    Layer slicer for path inspection
    .STL / .OBJ /.SLC file input
    Castable Resin
    Ceramic-like Resin
    Standard Resin
    And More
Printer Specs

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